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No Sweat, No Stress!

miraDry is the only FDA approved microwave technology for eliminating underarm sweat, odor and hair. It provides a meaningful and lasting solution to people who are suffering from underarm sweat and odor.

Key Benefits

· Unprecedented 90% clinical efficacy and patient satisfaction
· No cuts,  no surgery, no scars
· Non-invasive, lasting solutions
· Clean, confident, carefree
· Safely eliminates underarm sweat, odor and hair
· Made in USA


Supported by rigorous clinical research, Miramar Labs is focused on addressing dermatologic medical conditions for which there are significant unmet clinical needs. Miramar Labs is excited to have developed its miraWave™ technology, a breakthrough technology platform using microwave energy.  Used for treatment in other medical areas such as oncology, cardiology, and urology, microwave energy is well positioned to be adopted for dermatologic conditions.